Finally, a relief from the cold, freezing rain and snow. So we headed out to the children’s museum.

The new ‘Dora & Diego: Let’s Explore’ exhibit is open now.
Review? Fun, very colorful, quite true to the shows on which it is based; and….
WAYYYYYYY preschool-oriented.
Whinnie at newly 4 is quite nearly too old for this exhibit.
She’ll have fun if we visit, of course, but with two older brothers, that might not be very often.

BUT, the children continue to adore the exhibit about Egypt. We’ve only visited it about three times, but I am always struck by how much they love this space. I do to. It is engaging and lovely and very nearly a full-sensory experience. And it is probably boring to most children looking for a wilder-sort-of-fun. It is a quieter kind of exploration and fun…they kind the attachlings do seem to adore. 😀

My favorite photo from the day: