All Stitched Up: The Complete Guide to Finishing Stitches for Handknitters
by Jane Crowfoot

This is the book (ok, actually one of two) that I wish I had stumbled upon when I was teaching myself to knit.

I had looked at, checked out and referenced many different books and websites…each providing a small piece of the puzzle I was attempting to solve. But since I didn’t have a grasp of the ‘whole’ yet, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

This book would have helped immensely. Here is the whole; at least at a beginner to intermediate level.

So what does a new knitter need? What reference materials would have been most useful to me?

~ All Stitched Up by Jane Crowfoot
~ Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann
~ a real-live knitting friend/mentor
~ decent needles & yarn
~ time to experiment

Of those I only had time at my disposal. But I’ve made my way through to truly enjoy this hobby/craft/passion/obsession. 😀

Now if only I could have All Stitched Up as an ebook…so that I could load it into my Nook and never be without it’s quick-reference-awesomeness. 😉