Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Yesterday unfolded peacefully. There were chores, errands and knitting in the sunshine.

The attachlings have been exhausting themselves outside on any given dry day. In the photo above they are working on transferring logs from the patio to the tree line in back. There they are gathering various parts, pieces and ‘junk’ to make a fort. I do not supervise. I do not notice. I encourage their independence and creativity and turn back to my knitting. They do not roam the neighborhood like I would have as a child….but they don’t need me to hover over them either.

This moment matters.
This time just being Mama is the greatest gift I can give these dear children.
They know I love them.
They know I love knitting.
They might have an inkling of an awareness that I love them MORE than I love knitting but that the two are inextricably bound….after all, I knit for them.

Learning to knit has deepened my appreciation for being in the moment.

Our home and family have times of chaos and strife…but overall, both are more commonly peaceful and loving with a respect for curiosity, creativity and independence. And knitting. Always knitting.