Nic wants to be a chef — possibly a pastry chef — definitely a famous chef. So we cook and bake…alot. 😀

Theo LOVES birds; flying birds, swimming birds, big birds, little birds, raptors and song birds…he loves them all.

So we make birds; with crayons, coloring pencils, cloth. And we study birds everywhere at all times of the day.

He likes Penguins best. Well, somedays. 😉
Other days he’ll exclaim his love for blue jays, cardinals and the various little birds that visit our patio feeders.

Whinnie loves to CREATE.
Drawing, painting, clay work, moon sand, sculpture….whatever it is, she loves it.

I came across this post from almost exactly 2 years ago. This is Whingari creating.

Those photos were taken just after my sweet, amazing daughter’s 2nd birthday. Even then she had a passion for creating and a focus that was astonishing….you can see it in those photos.

So, what’s my point and how does it connect back to this post’s title?

Without understanding the philosophical underpinnings or reading that it is something relevant to unschooling, Chris and I have always endeavored to respect and facilitate these dear children’s passions.


What this means is that we don’t listen to Nic talk about being a pastry chef and say, ‘uh huh, that’s nice…SOMEDAY when you are a grownup you can follow that interest.’ No. We are far more likely to say, ‘cool. What can we do today to help you gather skills and experience and a better sense (along the way) of what that might be like.’

Because they are fully-formed human beings now with interests and passions. Their life’s passions should not be put on-hold until some magical age (in this culture 18-ish) when they are seen as ready to make their own decisions. (With a necessary but not overly neurotic eye to safety) They can sojourn into these arenas now….when the consequences of failing are much diminished.

And along the way we are all bettered by one-another’s interest and passions.