A much better shot of Theo’s birdhouse.

Whinnie’s ‘store’

Theo’s ‘store’

My favorite pastime (despite what you may have read, heard or observed) is listening in when the attachlings play.

Theo and Whinnie were in fine form this morning. Weeks ago they created this game: Store. They each find things in the toy shed and set up their Store. Then they visit one another’s stores and barter or pay for goods. The fun part is their currency; whatever they have. Today it was acorns and dandelions.

Fun for me is listening to their role playing and hearing them work out the exchange rates; how many acorns = how many dandelions.

None of it, btw, was linear or (to me) logical. But it was all cooperative and mutually acceptable.

Ah, it is grand to be an unschooling family.