That’s the four of us sitting on the floor waiting for the ‘big event’ at the children’s museum

There’s the object of our attention: The Water Clock

When we got to the museum it was just moments before 1 pm. That means the big water clock was about to empty out.
As I observed Theo staring up at all those spaces filled with blue fluid, I realized that I’ve never sat with him and watched the ‘show.’

I did that once with Nic, but before Theo’s time.
Why had I not realized?
It was cool to sit there and watch the water flow and talk about time and the physics of this particular clock.
I’m grateful that I noticed Theo’s attention and was open to going where it/he led.

We headed off to Dinosphere (to avoid the field trip crowds still milling about) and discovered that it was time to ‘dress’ a dino.

“Mama, I was BORN to eat ice cream.”
{I am not kidding or making this up….this is what Whinnie said as she was enjoying a strawberry ice cream cone.}

We go the children’s museum almost weekly (well, when school is in session anyway 😉 ) but I’ve found that it doesn’t get tedious or ‘old’ as long as we don’t follow the same path each time.

It can be a different (and yet known and comfortable) place each time if I follow their attention and interest.