One of my guiding principles is that I want my children’s worlds to be sparkly.
There goes the dull and the darkness. Easily not chosen, not an option.
~ Sandra Dodd

Yesterday was big and sparkly. We went on a hike, bought bubbles and a book and spent hours at the park with best friends.

The bubbles were grand.
How it changes things to say ‘yes!’ to a simple request for a $3 fun purchase.

The book was Whinnie’s request. She finished the BrainQuest Pre-K book that she calls ‘my schoolwork’ and wanted the next one — so off we went to find the K level. She’s happy.

Days can be small or big; but they should be sparkly.
It has taken me a year of mulling over the concept of ‘sparkly’ to finally figure out what that means to me.
It needn’t be razzle-dazzle or vacation-esque all the time.
I don’t need to spend oodles of money entertaining them. I just need to keep offering interesting things to see, do and experience.
And, I need to offer myself as a helpmate and companion on the journey.

These beautiful, awesome, curious, intelligent, wonderful, loud and totally authentic children of mine can be an intense experience.

They meet, greet and take on every day with passion.

It is my job (and one I’ve taken on willingly, voluntarily, and without hesitation) to be eager and willing to be their chauffeur, thesaurus, tour guide, help mate and boo-boo kisser all along the way.

Which, as it turns out, makes my day all big and sparkly too. 😀