“The concept of downtime — when we can just do nothing, reflect a little, and have a chance to become ourselves — seems to be a kind of heresy in the current culture of achievement.”
Einstein Never Used Flash Cards

Theo, Nic & I headed off to the library yesterday morning….taking advantage of that little window of time before Whinnie awakened. Next we went to the parks & rec office to get Nic signed up for several classes; swimming, fencing and archery. (Theo isn’t interested in classes yet.)

After a quick stop home we collected Whinnie, left Nic at home with Chris and headed off for the dollar store. There I found the supplies I need for an upcoming project. (More on that on a later day.) Theo found more bubbles. All of us had a great time exploring. Within each store there is a world to discover. It is impossible to anticipate where the conversations will lead with such great starter material. 😉

While I put clothes out on the clothesline (yay! for warm and sunny days!) Theo and Whinnie took off with the bubbles. When I was done we packed a snack bag and headed off for some park time before the rains could fall (which they never did.)

When the day actually got HOT we headed inside and began playing a board game.

Later, in that slim window of time between ‘too hot’ and ‘here come the mosquitos’ I sat on the patio knitting this blanket while the children played.

The days don’t have to be big to be sparkly. (Especially when you live with such a sparkly girl 😀 )

Life still has to be tended-to. There are still dishes and laundry and errands.
But if I continually bring my awareness back to what environment and opportunities I am placing before the children, they can make sparkly moments from it.
And the more I am part of those moments, the more they love it.