Even in the midst of a busy, fun-filled, sparkly life there should be downtime.

Yesterday was just such a day….jammies, watching Phineas & Ferb on netflix, staying in away from the crisp, cold wind outside.

Whinnie & Theo came along for a library drop-off run…and voted to play at a small park while we were about. Did I mention the wind was CRISP?

During this down time I’ve been reading consuming a new book:

Why We Get Fat and What We Can Do About it by Gary Taubes

This book *should* be read; even if one wants only to find points of disagreement. There is so much to learn about the chemistry and biology involved in the care and maintenance of our bodies. So little of which, to be frank, is ever taught to us in any meaningful way.

The author encourages readers to think critically about what he has to say. That is refreshing within the more common nutritional-landscape of proscribed diets. What we should eat (and how) so commonly becomes wrapped up in belief-systems and philosophies.

Personally I don’t need a belief system. I need information. I need to really understand the science behind nutrition. With that information, I can make choices for myself and my family.

Though I receive no compensation for recommending this book I do so fervently. I read it on my Nook and I see that it is available for the Kindle as well. So many convenient ways to access it — there’s no excuse to not. 😉