These children love, love, love ‘beach parks’ — which is what they call the sand/volleyball areas.

This one (and dear friends) captured them for about 4 hours Tuesday.
I was sitting in the shade of lovely trees near the edge of the sand.
Drinks and snacks were (unartfully) laid out on a picnic table.
I was there to unravel disputes and answer questions.

And I knit.

I’m getting close to finishing this basketweave baby blanket. Good thing too….I’m jonesin’ to do some sock knitting again. But I will not let myself cast on any new project until this one is done.

Whinnie and her best friend Ruby had their own private picnic in the shade; and then were off in the sand again.

A friend wondered how it is that they so willingly go off and play and leave me to my knitting. I simply don’t have an answer. They. Just. Play.

I don’t threaten, cajole, bride or persuade.
I drive them to a place they love to play and they spill out of the van eager to get to it.
I spread out the refreshments (again, unartfully) and they visit it on their own schedule.
Both Theo and Whinnie look to see where I am often.
No one climbs on me.
No one messes with my knitting.
Everyone understands that unless there is blood involved (or a reasonable risk of blood-letting) everything must wait until the end of this row/round.

They play.
I knit.
We’re all happy.