I love our library.

Thankfully all of the attachlings love libraries too. It hasn’t always been this way. Until recently Theo tolerated library trips. Now he’s eager and happy.

The children’s section of our local library is a fun, vibrant, colorful and happy place. There are no grumpy librarians shushing happy children. There’s almost always a lovely, child-friendly chatter if there are many patrons about. And the librarians just smile, greet, commune and seem to truly drink in the happiness of their young population.

Theo eagerly, happily and enthusiastically signed up for the library’s summer reading program yesterday. (That’s the purple book bag was given in the photo above.) I don’t encourage participation in programs at all. In fact I’ve long been deeply ambivalent about reading programs. While I understand their intent, I sometimes worry that the ‘carrot’ approach does a disservice to the joy of reading itself. But I will also support and encourage what my children decide they want to do. And Theo WANTS to participate.

Once we returned home Theo dragged out every Dr. Seuss book on the shelf and started reading. After each two books he colored in a section on his participation sheet — as instructed. His love of reading is, as ever, undaunted.

And now he wants to go back to the library today to participate in the activities indicated on his sheet — they include scavenger hunts and I-Spy.

Whinnie chose books and videos to her liking, and then headed for the puzzles. Her favorite (pictured above) was the magnetic gumballs. Developmentally she’s in that stage of wanting to pattern and sort and organize. She’s been in that stage for a while now, but it is still intriguing her. I see her more and more showing signs of reading readiness. But for those moments with that puzzle at the library, she was all about her love of counting.

Nic signed up for the ‘young adult’ summer reading program. He was quite delighted yet surprised to be old enough to be ‘kicked out’ of the little kids program. πŸ˜‰ Β  He headed *Upstairs* to sign up for his program on his own and came back down awfully proud of himself.

So it is June. We are well-occupied and enjoying the lovely weather and all the riches that our home and community in middle Indiana offer us. πŸ˜€