…that took me forever to see.

Theo loves lego building.
Theo hates to be in a room by himself.
Legos were, therefore, taking over the living room.

I bit my lip when I realized I was about to say, “Theo, can you get your legos cleaned up and out of the living room?”

It occurred to me in that moment that Theo needed a lego building station.

A nanosecond later it also occurred to me that the only place that would work would be in the living room.

So now the living room has a wonderful, kid-sized table, all of Theo’s lego bins and almost all of his legos.

I had a moment of clarity — a moment where I really understood my child’s needs.

Maybe if I string enough of those isolated moments together it can be a more consistent state of mind/being? šŸ˜€