Yesterday was a great day for line drying. It was clear, sunny and not humid.

Whinnie worked to hang some of her own clothes on the lowest lines. She didn’t do it the same way I do…but I didn’t correct her for I knew that they would still be dry by the end of the day. (And they were.)

Laundry hung, we headed out for a day of exploration. First the library. Then Conner Prairie.

Indoor exploration, outdoor exploration and a (new to us) science lab. The attachlings were involved, intrigued and devoted for hours.

I have a heavy heart most days when I contemplate issues of sustainability, the horror that is ‘agri-business’ and what is to come with ‘peak oil’ descent.


But when I see these children, exhausted from a day of exploration and curiosity I am heartened. I see their resilience and their passion and their intelligence. They are the quintessence of Promise, of possibility.