First, a completely obligatory photo of Whinnie. šŸ˜€ I love her hair like that.

For weeks I’ve been trolling the internet (especially Pinterest) looking for organization ideas for my pantry. Problem was a pantry that used to be a laundry closet is not all that common. But that’s what I had.

Ok, that photo shows just how badly the space needs to be repainted (I swear no amount of scrubbing has helped it look less dirty.)

Anyway, this is my baking pantry. I wanted a space where all the various baking supplies, equipment and ingredients could be right at my fingertips. Additionally, this is a space that keeps my countertops more clear — what with space and power for the bread machine and crockpot.

But really, how functional can a space be if you can’t find anything. Ugh.

Can you tell how much better that looks? (again, I beg you, do NOT look at how dirty the walls are…)

Everything is nice and tidy and within reach. šŸ˜€

Each little plastic shoe box has an assortment of items. One might be sugars (I did not know I had 4 different kinds: fine, powdered, regular, brown) another would be essentials to baking bread (salt, vital wheat gluten) and another might be assorted items I don’t use often.

There are large glass containers (cracker jars) for the whole wheat and all purpose flours.

The cool thing is I only spent $17 on the whole project. I already had all the glass jars I needed. I am rather obsessive about keeping all glass jars and lids. Unless they are cracked (in which case they go into the recycling bing) I find a use for them.

I bought 10 of those plastic shoe boxes for $1 at the dollar store. I spent the other $7 on a plastic shoe organizer and 3 cup hooks to hold the shoe organizer.

There’s the organizer thingy.

What’s in those pockets?
zipper freezer bags
trash bags
small measuring cups
various measuring spoons
aluminum foil
electric knife
rolling pin
wisk broom
spices for baking

And probably more. And these were the various items that were constantly in my way. Now they are not. šŸ˜€

Next up? a new coat of paint and a countertop.

It is *this close* to being the fully-functioning baking pantry I envisioned.