Hot. It has been really, freakin’ hot here.

So we’ve been homebound, much the way we were last winter when there was too much snow and ice for the road crews to clear our paths. That made me think of the phrase ‘heat blizzards.’

There are times, at least in this part of the world, during both summer and winter when it is best to keep one’s forays outside minimal. In both seasons, there’s fun to be had if one is mindful of the weather and plans accordingly.

Here, this summer, there’s been lots of swimming in our (very small) backyard pool. Thankfully for me (fully in gift knitting full-time) there are glorious shade trees nearby. I knit and read and ‘supervise’ in the most benignly neglectful way that I can — by my presence.

I have so much to post about: Theo turned 8 last week — Nic will be 12 next week.

I have a knitting tutorial to type up — I’ve taken photos!

But this weather saps my motivation and melts my brain.

So I knit and read and make sure the family is well-fed and have access to clean clothes.

Elizabeth Zimmermann was 100% right (as she always is, it seems 😉 when she observed that knitting mittens in May can be leisurely and enjoyable. There is no rush and no pressure. The same is true of gift knitting for the holidays. I do not feel pressured. I can take my time and enjoy the process. I do not feel a need to cut corners nor do I begin to think hostile thoughts about the recipient. 😉

So I knit and read and care for my family and know that just like the blizzards of January, eventually this heat wave will pass and we will once again feel like visiting parks and going for long walks and enjoying outside.