Theo turned 8.
Yes, that looks like a giant donut.
No, it’s not one. 😉
Theo requests the same cake every year — red velvet — and only for his birthday.
So this year it was a red velvet bundt style cake.

We had a busy day planned (including the big birthday trip to the Lego store) so it was cake for breakfast to get the day going (and really….how IS cake different from sugary cereal or waffles? It’s not…)

Aside from cake-for-breakfast Theo got his two favorite things for his birthday: a trip to the Lego store and time alone with Papa for building together.

Later, when everyone was otherwise occupied, I snuck off to organize my yarn stash. Here’s shot of part of it…utilizing an IKEA shelf that had been in the boys’ new room. They got new bookcases and I got this awesome shelf. Ahhhhhhh, so much better to have it all where I can see everything at once. 😀

That last photo was taken on or near Theo’s 7th birthday. I LOVE catching him mid-laugh. He has the best laugh and the best, most wonderful, animated face. He’s 8 now. Nic will be 12 next week. Wow.