Above photo from Conner Prairie: Civil War era one-room schoolhouse converted to a telegraph office.

Someone recently asked me what my blog’s agenda was.
Huh…as I didn’t realize I had an agenda, nor by extension did my blog, I was hesitant to answer.

The more I pondered the more it became clear: I don’t have an agenda.

I blog for the same reason that I knit: it gives me joy.

That means that I do not blog to:
~ show off our homeschooling/unschooling life
~ show off my (obviously) beautiful children šŸ˜‰
~ avoid housework (stop giggling!)
~ appear superior to others
~ convert others to this way of life/education

I am an imperfect human being, an imperfect mother, an imperfect wife/partner/friend/house keeper/homeschooling parent/knitter/etc….ad nauseum.

I blog to celebrate that which I do enjoy; and these little humans with whom I spend my days.

I blog to remind myself — especially during times of chaos — that there are times of quiet and beauty and serenity.

I blog because it is a creative outlet that feeds my spirit.

I encourage others to blog for the same reasons. Blog, or write, or draw or whatever you need to do to be creative. Do not worry about your ‘audience.’ Do not worry even if there will be one. Just create.

Creativity is contagious.
You might get it from your children.
OR — you might help them to have more of it themselves. šŸ˜€