Isolation breeds isolation.
Depression works to deepen depression.
Inspiration is hard to come by when lacking new experiences.

New books, *new* cardboard boxes, new (or renewed) friendships….all these things feed our spirits, and hence feed our vibrance and creativity.

I forget these things. I sit at home wishing I could think of fun and engaging things to do with the attachlings and bemoan how much I don’t want to deal with the crowds and the chaos of *out there.*
But then I do venture out and am reminded why it is worth the work, the effort and the chaos…because without renewing our experiences, we cannot renew ourselves.

Doubt and insecurity are soul-robbing.
And they breed in isolation.
Sitting at home I can feed these doubts and they grow.
I worry about being accepted by other parents.
I fret.
The worry grows to scary proportions.

It takes courage to venture forth amidst this worry, this gigantic fear.

Then I do and I realize that the one thing I needed most of all was the company of good people, engaged mamas, happy children….and we all flourish.

Especially this guy…