Curious, happy, loved children learn.

Life can be sparkly and big or sparkly and small or just interesting and as long as the children feel safe and secure and supported (which is part of being happy and loved) their natural curiosity will be undeniable.

We’ve been very busy this past month.
There  have been no soccer teams or scheduled classes…only fun times with friends (playing with young ones for them; chatting/knitting/communing with mamas for me.)

I have seen my children flourish from the introduction of new experiences — including learning the ‘dance’ of playing with new people. I have seen each of them show deeper aspects of their personalities; Nic (willingly and eagerly) stepping into a ‘big brother’ mode with the little ones and Theo finding his way (despite his normally exuberant personality) with more reticent children. And then there’s Whinnie, so new to accommodating the needs and preferences of other children. She too flourishes from the exertion of stretching and growing new social skills.

September, October and sometimes most of November; these are the months that encourage outdoor play and togetherness. All too soon we will be driven inside by cold, ice and snow. Until then, we are gathering these days full of friends — a different kind of harvest — storing these experiences and memories just as one does the garden’s bounty, against the harsh weather to come.