One day long ago a 2 year old Nic asked for something at a store. I cannot remember what, just that it wasn’t a simple thing like bubbles or a $1 toy.
Out of my mouth popped a simple suggestion that has worked wonders for the following decade–and continues to serve well with all three children: ‘you can put it on your list.’. 🙂

It amazes me how well this works. Year round.

It ends whining and pleading. Typically, the questioning child switches from ‘I want’ mode to considering whether to place the item on their birthday list or Christmas list.


It ‘works’ also because I respect their lists. I do not use the list idea as a way to distract and ignore.

Lately though, I have been finding my brain NOT up to the task of remembering the wishes of all three children.
So I’ve started using my cell camera to make photo lists.
My phone is always with me.
The children know this. 🙂
When they ask for something to be added to their list, they are delighted to see me retrieve my phone & snap a pic.

Taking the pic with the requesting child in the frame is perfection.
Later I download all the photos to my laptop. There I have a folder for each child.

Now the children know that they will not get everything on their lists. They never seem bothered by that. On the contrary, they seem content to know that their requests were considered & cataloged.


I utilize several other cell camera strategies to help my memory-troubled brain…but I will save those for a later post…