“Is it reasonable to expect someone to find what they’ll love in the future by doing things they don’t love right now? Doesn’t it make more sense that people will discover all sorts of things they love by exploring what intrigues them? In a rich environment where they’re supported in what they love and have swirling around them other things they could pick up and explore to find potential new loves?”
~ Joyce Fetteroll



These days Whinnie is intrigued by letters. She’s a very early reader–but doesn’t know it. She has begun ‘knowing’ simple words by sight.

I got stamp pads & alphabet stamps recently, ostensibly for a Christmas crafting project. Understandably, Whinnie is captivated. 🙂

The boys are similarly captivated by their interests — Star Wars, Lego, computers, etc.

Theo & I explored Wild Birds Unlimited recently. He came away with a new bird for his collection as well as new inspiration.