I’m starting to understand something about meeting needs.

With children ranging from age 12 to almost 5 I’m not able to meet everyone’s needs all the time.
Activities that engage @ 5 will routinely bore the 12yo.
Activities that engage @ 12 might leave the younger two with no outlet for their energy.

So I’m working on juggling all of it — as best I can.
So one day I take the younger two to an indoor play place knowing that the next day the 12yo will be going to a homeschool meetup with kids his own age.

I leave someone home (with work-at-home papa) while I take volunteers to go shopping. I leave a ‘little’ (or two) @ home while eldest & I go to the library.

I won’t say that the juggling is easy–especially when considering the goal of making sure that no one feels bored or left out.

So far all reports are good. ๐Ÿ™‚