My current 5yo (she’ll be 6 in December) has two older brothers to watch, learn from, tagalong with and emulate. Hence my experience with her — and her experience of being 5 — is quite different than what her brothers experienced.

For example, she watched her brothers (and papa) play Wii games. She tried a few, she played with papa more than anyone, she played with friends when they visited. Now she is the undisputed expert at a few of the Wii games, especially Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

She watches what the boys play on the computers and learns and then asks me to take her to that site or install that disk so that she can try it out.

Other than this, her own *thing* is usually art/crafting. She LOVES to craft. She has to make something, draw something, paint something everyday. Glue sticks, hole punches and glitter glue are her daily friends.

This is something that the boys have NO interest in — so it is all hers.
Mostly my role is to facilitate. I set up her crafting station — so that everything she uses is right at her fingertips — and get out of the way. I help tidy the space so that she can keep creating. I enjoy her creations — asking questions, discussing color and placement choices, etc.

She builds, creates, plays, creates more, experiments with dress up clothes combinations, watches favorite shows (My Little Pony or Tintin currently) and then dances off to do it all again and again.

Sometimes she’ll play board games — with whomever is willing.
Mostly she just wants the freedom to dance and create throughout her day.

She’s never known loneliness. She’s always had someone to cuddle with, chat with, play with, create with.

What an awesome life. 😀