Butternut Squash purée
Made from four local, organic butternut squash — roasted then run through the food processor. Such rich, glorious color. Plus free of chemicals or processing ick. Four quart size bags worth — now in the freezer for use this winter. (Plus enough left over to make muffins with today.)

Pumpkin muffins made last week — from fresh, homemade pumpkin purée. Made the same way — I do love roasting the squash/pumpkin first and then after cooling, processing it into a useable purée. 🙂
(And a slow cooker bubbling away in the background — making a veggie-filled bone stock — also bagged and frozen for the winter ahead…)

With these days getting colder (downright bracing some mornings…) we do try to get outside when the sun is bright.

This week brought our first snow of the season. Twasn’t much. But it does remind of the weather to come and motivates my efforts to capture fresh, harvested, organic eats to sustain us through…