Since nobody was sick and the weather was beautiful and sunny, the attachlings and I went exploring. Papa Chris happily brought us the van and we took him back to his office. And then we were off.

Our first destination was Chick-fil-a. Everyone was ready for lunch and then playtime. Though they are small, their playplaces are the best. They are kept quite clean and never have a funky smell, unlike other restaurants with similar areas for children.

The attachlings played together with one another and with anyone else who showed up. Fun.

After that we went to a regional park nearby. There the attachlings played at a playground where there was one other family. Nic found two boys close to his age and constantly tried to engage them. They complained much of being bored, but didn’t much want to cure their situation. Oh well, fun was had anyway.

Next we headed to Michael’s so I could pick up some more yarn. Next door was a Petco, so we went in there first. I used to take the boys to one of the pet supplies stores all the time. Back in those days I was usually picking up something for a cat or a dog, and visiting all the animals just made an errand into a fun trip. Right now we don’t have any pets (which is awesome.) So we just looked around. This Petco had fish, rats, birds and one flemish rabbit.

When we were done there, we went into Michael’s. There each child got a book and I got this:

After that we swung by Papa Chris’ office. It was only about 4:15 by then, but seemed like a good time to abduct him and start our weekend. 😀

And we did.

And we are.